13" curved fixed blade
Pruning Saw. This saw features tri-edge offset teeth, 6 tpi, for rapid cutting on both push and pull stroke. Comfortable rubberized pistol grip handle." This saw cuts faster than any other I've used. It cuts greenwood 25-30% faster and hard, dead, apple wood 40-50% faster. My choice saw, at any price, for cutting through larger diameter branches"  $19.95

While the Wheeler Orchard Saw (pictured above) is no longer being manufactured,

we do carry the replacement blades for this fine saw.  $8.25 ea.


This flat-blade model is widely used by professional vineyard pruners as well as home gardeners for grape, shrub and tree pruning. The swivel head bolt and nylon-padded nut ensure smooth and lasting operation. Rubber bumpers absorb the shock on completion of cut. Length: 19"   $29.95


Heavy Duty Hedge Shears

Quality hedge shears. 24 1/2" long.


...and for the finer pruning job...this traditional Topiary Shears is the perfect tool for the job.

And to protect your tools from rust or wear...
EZ-Cut Pruner Treatment Oil

For power or hand shears & saws ---The Ideal treatment---
4-ounce ready-to-spray bottle

Cleans Disinfects, Lubricates, Stops Rust, Pleasant lemon scent, Non-toxic:safe for pets and people, Fungicidal: Prevents cross contamination between plants.

EZ-Cut is a fluid spray for pruning tool maintenance. Dirty tools won't cut even if they're sharp! No abrasion is necessary for removing dirt and sap from tools with EZ-Cut, which saves labor and prevents tool cutting edge damage. The vegetable oil in EZ-Cut lubricatesl tools for smooth operation and it extends tool life. EZ-Cut was university tested to kill Fireblight bacteria and Fusarium fungus cross contamination from pruning tool usage. The pleasant lemon scent of EZ-Cut even repels mosquitoes. EZ-Cut inhibits rust and is safe to the environment because it contains 100% food grade ingredients.