Included on this page is the handy gardeners multi-tool
and a comfortable seat/kneeler.

Umbrella collapse-able mini-greenhouse
This collapse-able greenhouse (opens and closes like an umbrella) is great for protecting tender perennial landscape plants or garden plants from colder weather. Zippered opening allows easy access or venting. Base flaps allow anchoring (with pins or by covering with soil). Measures 25" tall x 43" diameter.  


Cylindrical mini-greenhouse
This 19" diameter Mini Greenhouse pulls up to 28" with an anchor-able flange at its base--and is great for providing a warmer environment and wind protection for those tender outdoor plants. Easily and quickly installed and removed.             


Gardeners' Multi-Tool

7 in 1 gardening tool features a saw, knife, pruner and other functions. Comes with a carrying case that can be attached to your belt.


Work in your garden in comfort.

Sit or kneel with this great convertible seat and kneeler. Keep knees and butt dry.

A comfortable kneeler that relieves the discomfort that accompanies kneeling on hard or wet ground. If your knees get cold, wet, dirty and stiff when planting or weeding--get off the ground with the kneeler. Flip it over and it becomes a convenient and comfortable bench. Thick foam padding makes for comfortable kneeling or sitting.  23" wide x 9" deep x 191/2" high. Use the sturdy tubular steel side bars for arm support when kneeling or rising. Frame can be folded for storage and locks firmly into place when unfolded. Holds up to 275 lbs. kneeler/seat. Weighs 9 lbs.

The few of these we have remaining in stock may have slight cosmetic imperfections in the finish but are structurally sound in every way

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