...and RAKES

Including the most versatile cultivator of all...the Cartwright Broadfork

 Own the most versatile broadfork on the market!

Using the Cartwright Broadfork Garden Tiller, with its interchangeable tines, is having 4 broadforks in one. (multiple tine and spacing arrangements are possible)

    The unique uni-body design of this broadfork gives an unbreakable tool which is easy to use (your digging force is transferred more directly to earth with less effort than in broadfork models with verticle handles). The horizontal bar handle is comfortable to grip as it allows, efficient soil-working movement with minimal effort.  A boiled linseed oil finish on the solid oak handle provides a good grip and the finish protects the wood. The 13" hardened tines will penetrate soil to an 11" depth and are  easily removable with a hand wrench (should they ever bend)--avoiding the expense and trouble of repairs by welding. Lifetime guarantee.
The broadfork is most commonly used to loosen soil in preparation for planting or for adding compost or other soil conditioners. It opens and loosens soil while minimizing damage to the soil's living flora and fauna that provide necessary conditions for optimal plant growth and allows adding amendments to the soil profile. With close tine spacing, it can also be used to harvest root vegetables.

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or how and why to use the Broadfork:


Grub Hoe
A heavy-duty digging tool, 58" hardwood handle

Long Handle Cultivator Fork

5 1/2" Width, 4 tine Cultivator, on 54" wooden handle.


Hand Hoe/Cultivator
Steel hoe/fork combination cultivator with 15" ash handle.


Hand Hoe/Pick

Strong and well balanced, this solid forged tool can be used as a planter or a weeder--and is especially effective for grubbing out stubborn perennial weeds and tree saplings or breaking up clay soil. A versatile solid forged Oriental garden hand tool that is strong and well-balanced. Ash handle. 2.5" wide blade head and 3" pick head. 15" overall. $14.95

3-Prong cultivator with cushion grip. Heavy duty, polished aluminum will not rust

Transplanting Trowel with depth markings. cushion grip. Heavy duty, polished aluminum will not rust.
Wide hand Trowel
Heavy duty, polished aluminum, serrated edge, cushion grip

Hand Plow

The ergonomic soft cushioned grip on this well balanced tool makes it ideal for both commercial and home-garden users for garden planting, and soil cultivating.
Mini Fan Rake
16" long, comfortable cushion grip
 Adjustable width Steel Rake
60" long