We have the most useful hand weeding tools on the market (based on our user experience with each of the tools featured) and provide a description of how to use them. Some are time-tested successful weeding tools that have been used for centuries (EZ-Digger). Others are new adaptations for present day situations--such as weeding in cracks between pavers or along sidewalk edges. Many of these weeding tools are multi-functional garden tools used as well for digging, transplanting, root-cutting and soil moving. And we feature a few unique weed removal tools like the Patio Knife Weeder Set, the Zenport Weeder, and the Stick 'n' Stick which are used for extracting weeds from patios, lawns and in the general landscape.

We'd appreciate any comments you have on these tools, or on this website, or on any tools we don't carry that you're looking for. We'd love to have your comments on your favorite weeding tool.

Your questions on best weeding practices or on anything concerning weeding or the tools we carry are invited, and you can reach us by using this email address: harpertoy@gmail.com


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