These are our three most popular weeding tools

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#1  Patio Knife Weeder Set

This duo of narrow-edged knives is the perfect set for weeding between pavers. The orange handled claw is, itself, a superb all-around weeder, functional at pulling out bunch rooted weeds (grasses, clovers, etc.)

#2  EZ Digger

One of the oldest tools around, its form has not changed down through the centuries. If it works, don't change it. Weeds and cultivates, as well, great for transplanting.

#3  Weeder hoe        

Another classic tool that many prefer for close weeding in the garden. Extremely sharp edge cuts weeds as the blade moves and cultivates the soil surface. A dual-function weeder and cultivator.

#1 Patio Knife Weeder Set
Patio knife weeder set
#2  EZ Digger
EZ Digger weeding & cultivating tool
#3  Weeder hoe
stainless steel hand weeder/hoe